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Visual Analytics For Powerful Insight
Only in Omega Legal VX

Beyond Spreadsheets

Visual Xpress is an interactive visual analysis tool for answering your law firm’s most important business questions. It enables you to analyze Omega Legal data in a more in-depth and interactive way than ever before. With Visual Xpress, you can quickly identify trends, make comparisons and focus on exceptions that may be affecting your firm’s overall performance.
Exporting data to a spreadsheet to perform calculations and then struggling to display the reformatted information graphically is now a thing of the past. Visual Xpress does all of this for you, and more, in one easy step—saving you valuable time, improving your firm’s analytical capabilities and strengthening the overall strategic planning process.

Firm Overview Dashboard

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Features & Benefits

Strengthen the firm’s analytical and decision-making capabilities.

Quickly & easily identify trends, make comparisons & highlight exceptions.

Gain valuable insight into the underlying causes for firm performance.

Save valuable time & effort versus current methods.

Eliminate the need for data warehousing or additional servers. 

Enhance productivity with specialized interactive dashboards for each job function.